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Fund Name

    Current NAV :

 Highest NAV : 1.1964 (@12/09/2017) More funds' Information
 Lowest NAV : 1.1748 (@29/08/2017)
Investment Objective :
To provide unit holders with long term capital growth by investing principally in Malaysian equities
Investment Policy :
In order to achieve long term capital growth, the majority of the Fund's assets will be actively invested in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related securities that have good growth potential.

Cash (as may be permitted) may be stragically used and increased if the External Investment Manager feels that the downside risk on the market is high in the short to medium to long term.

The tactical asset allocation range invisaged for the Fund is (but is not limited to) as follows;

Equities = 75% to 95%
Cash = 5% to 25%
Benchmark :
Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI)
Asset Class : Equity
Fund Type : Growth
Geography : Malaysia
Sector :
Inception Date : 17/01/2000
Inception Price : MYR 1.00
Fund Currency : MYR
Latest Fund Size (MIL) : MYR 1124.45 @ Jul 31 2017
Online Tradeable : Yes


Annualized Performance
Period Performance Return (%) Volatility Risk Adjusted Performance
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2 Years
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years
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