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The EPF calculator enables you to determine how much you can withdraw from your EPF Account 1 for investment

Balance in EPF Account 1 (RM)
Investable Amount
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Basic Savings Required
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*Minimum investable amount required is RM1,000 to be eligible.
The Importance of Basic Savings by EPF

Basic Savings is a pre-determined amount set according to age in Account 1 to enable members achieve a minimum savings of RM240,000 when they reach age 55. The implementation of the Basic Savings is to ensure that members have sufficient savings at a minimum amount of RM1,000 per month when they retire in order to support their basic retirement needs for 20 years from age 55 to 75, in line with Malaysians' life expectancy.

The amount in excess of the Basic Savings can be invested in appointed Fund Management Institutions. The latest revision in this quantum has been implemented starting 1 January 2019. (Source: KWSP/EPF Official Website)

The EPF members are not allowed to invest more than 30% after the deduction of Basic Savings in Account 1. The minimum amount of savings that can be transferred is RM1,000 and the investment can be made at intervals of 3 months from the date of the last transfer which subject to the availability of the basic savings required in Account 1. Click here to view basic savings table.

Age Savings in Account 1 Basic Savings Calculation for Investment [(Account 1 – Basic Savings) x 30 %] EPF Members' eligibility
23 RM 5,000 RM 13,000 - EPF member is not eligible due to the savings in account 1 is less than basic savings.
26 RM 24,000 RM 21,000 (RM 24,000 - RM 21,000) X 30% = RM900 EPF member is not eligible due to the minimum eligible amount is RM 1,000.
35 RM 150,000 RM 57,000 (RM 150,000 - RM 57,000) X 30% = RM27,900 EPF member is eligible. The minimum eligible amount is RM 1,000 and can be made at intervals of 3 months from the last transfer.
You can check your EPF account balance

  • At any EPF Smart Kiosk by using your Mykad
  • Refer to your latest EPF statement
  • Log on to www.kwsp.gov.my if you are an i-Akaun registered user

Please refer to www.kwsp.gov.my for detailed information related to Smart Kiosk location and operation hours.

Please note that the amount that can be invested is an estimated calculation based on your provided information. The actual withdrawal eligibility is based on the available balance in EPF Account 1. T&C apply