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Top 5 Selling Funds
Fund Name Dealing Date NAV
Eastspring Investments Dana Al-ilham 26/03/2015 0.7779
AmCash Management 26/03/2015 1.0000
Eastspring Investments MY Focus Fund 26/03/2015 0.8749
Kenanga Growth Fund 26/03/2015 1.0092
Eastspring Investments Small-Cap Fund 26/03/2015 0.6253

Top 5 Performing Funds (Monthly)
Fund Name Dealing Date NAV
RHB-OSK Entrepreneur Fund 18/03/2015 0.5856
Affin Hwang China Growth Fund 25/03/2015 0.8378
Affin Hwang Japan Growth Fund 25/03/2015 0.6499
PMB Shariah Aggressive Fund 25/03/2015 0.5463
AmAustralia 25/03/2015 0.6082

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Worst 5 Performing Funds (Monthly)
Fund Name Dealing Date NAV
Kenanga Premier Fund 26/03/2015 0.4015
Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund 26/03/2015 1.0919
Kenanga Islamic Balanced Fund 26/03/2015 0.4172
Kenanga Balanced Fund 26/03/2015 0.3868
Kenanga Growth Fund 26/03/2015 1.0092

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Disclaimer: This compilation is prepared by Phillip Mutual Berhad in its capacity as an institutional unit trust agent for specific Funds. You are advised to read and understand the relevant prospectus for the Funds. Such prospectus has been registered with the Securities Commission which takes no responsibility for its contents and is obtainable at any of our offices, website and authorised agents. You should consider the fees and charges involved and consult your financial adviser if you are in doubt about any feature or nature of the funds. The prices of units and distribution payable if any may go down as well as up and past performance of the fund is no guarantee for its future performance. Any issue of units to which the prospectus relates will only be made on receipt of the application form referred to in and accompanying the prospectus.
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Our Monthly Funds Review

Phillip Fund Focus MARCH 2015

Monetary easing measures had lifted major equity markets into positive territory in February 2015 with Japan equity market chalking the most gain at 6.4% for the month. Japan outperformed in comparison to its peers after recording 2.2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for 2014, whilst its economy was strongly supported by expanding manufacturing sector figures. Although the second half of the month witnessed divergence in monetary policies and dissipating fears of deflation as commodity prices strengthened, better economic data from Europe and diminishing concerns over Greece steered back investors confidence to the market.


Our Professional Speaks

Will Foreign Selling Continue?

Foreign institutional selling in Malaysia since June has slowed down. This is obvious in our analysis in i) The USD MYR exchange rate versus the cumulative foreign net purchases for 2013 ii) Foreign holdings of Malaysian Government Bonds versus Rate of decline for our local currency and iii) Futures index (FKLI) premium/ discount against the cash market of FBM KLCI.


The 360° Economic Insight

Malaysia Net Oil & Gas Exporter

With the rising domestic demand for oil, Malaysia has recently become a marginal net crude oil exporter and if we were to incorporate petroleum products, we are marginally a net importer. However, Malaysia produces more liquefied natural gas (LNG) than oil and although half of the gas is used for domestic consumption, we still export more than 500,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. The sharp plunge in oil price will eventually lead to lower export revenue from LNG. Nonetheless, with the huge current account surplus, Malaysia does have sufficient cushion to overcome the expected fall in gas revenue and will not fall into twin deficit problem.

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PhillipCapital Interview with Mr Richard Cheong

PhillipCapital Interview with Mr Mike Lai

PhillipCapital Interview with Mr Chow Kar Tzen

PhillipCapital Interview with Puan Sharifah Md Sidek

Please be informed that in line with the Guidelines on Wholesale Funds issued by the Securities Commission (SC), only qualified investor stipulated under the guidelines are permitted to invest in such funds.

In line with this requirement and to comply with the best practices in "Knowing Your Client", wholesale funds at this point of time are not allowed to be transacted online. Investors who are keen to invest in such Funds, are required to submit manual forms to PMB office for processing.

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Date Fund Manager Type Description
30/12/2014 Eastspring Investments Berhad Income Distribution Eastspring Investments Berhad Declares Income For Five Funds.Please click here for the info
24/09/2014 Eastspring Investments Berhad Unit Split Declaration of unit split 1:1 for Eastspring Investment Small-Cap and Eastspring Investments Growth Fund.
22/09/2014 Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad Introducing Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad Hwang Investment Management Berhad and Affin Fund Management Berhad is now known as Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad.Please click here for the info
29/05/2014 Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB) Income Distribution 6.00 sen per unit for Kenanga Growth Fund. Ex date: 28/05/2014. Reinvestment Date: 29/05/2014. 7.5 sen per unit for Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund. Ex date: 28/05/2014. Reinvestment Date: 29/05/2014.
26/09/2013 RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd Income Distribution 6.50 sen per unit for RHB Bond Fund. Ex-Date: 30/09/2013. Reinvestment date: 09/10/2013. Payment Date: 16/10/2013.