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Smart Planner

     The Smart Planner offers 7 tools which may assist you to plan and accomplish your financial goals.
1. Investment Planner

The Investment Planner is a powerful tool that determines your risk profile based on age, investment period and risk tolerance. An asset allocation strategy would be generated on completion of the online questionnaire. Investment vehicles, commensurating with the particular risk profile, would be recommended.



2. Retirement Planner

The Retirement Planner helps you plan for retirement . Find out the money you need to set aside to live comfortably in your golden years.



3. Children's Education Planner

Given the ever rising costs of education, it helps to plan ahead and start a savings program so that you can send your children to the best universities. The Children’s Education Planner lets you plan ahead .



4. Wealth Accumulation Planner

If you have a dream house or dream car in mind, turn that into REALITY. Know how much you need with the Wealth Accumulation Planner.



5. Regular Savings Planner

This calculator can help you determine what your investment would be worth if you invest on a one time or regular basis. You can simulate your earnings based on lump sum, monthly, quarterly and annual investments.



6. Cost Of Waiting

Thinking of delaying your investments? Think again. Please use this calculator to find out the financial cost to you when you delay investing.



7. Financial Health





The tools are for information purposes only. Note that by using the tools you have acknowledged that the accuracy of the tools is not guaranteed. We recommend you to seek professional advice.