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How do I switch my units online?
You may click on 'Transaction' tab and select 'Unit Trust - Switch'. A “4 Steps to Switch” screen will appear.
Step  1 (Fund Selection - Switch Out) – Select the Fund to switch out and click ‘Next’.
Step  2 (Fund Selection - Switch In) – Select Fund to switch in from the drop down list. Confirm that you have read and understood the Prospectus, Terms & Conditions, Unit Trust Loan Disclosure Statement and Client Declaration and click 'Next'.
Step  3 (Payment Amount) – Key in units to switch and click 'Next'.
Step 4 (Order Confirmation) – Verify transaction details and key in password to confirm the transaction. If the transaction is successful, a 'Transaction - Switch Confirmation Receipt' page will be displayed automatically.Click 'Print' to print a copy and click 'Save' to save a copy for record. For Phillip Mutual Bhd’s house funds, the details on switching fee are as follows :
Switch out at Switch in  at  
Money Market  Fund First Ethical & Equity Growth NAV NAV+ a fee equal to the difference between the sales charge originally imposed and the sales charge of the target Fund The different in sales charge

The switching fee is only applicable for the 1st transaction. Subsequent transaction will be switched at NAV (within the same account)
First Ethical & Equity Growth Money Market  Fund NAV NAV Free
Ethical & Equity Growth First Ethical & Equity Growth NAV NAV Free
There is no limit to the frequency of switching. If the original funds are Phillip Master Equity Growth Fund and the Phillip Master First Ethical Fund, no switching fees will be charged. Where the original fund is the Phillip Master Money Market Fund, units switched shall be subject to an additional fee equal to the difference between the sales charge originally imposed and the sales charge of the new fund.
For 3rd party funds distributed by Phillip Mutual Bhd, they are 2 types of switching:
a) To funds from the same UTMC. This switching is at NO COST.
b) To funds from different UTMC. For this type of switching, you will incur minimal sales charge as imposed by the UTMC.

Should you have futher enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services personnel at 603 2783 0200