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How to invest in Unit Trust Fund?

There are generally 3 ways to invest in unit trusts funds, namely through Cash, Regular Savings or Investment through your EPF fund.
Cash or Lump Sump Investments
This is where an investor has a lump sum amount to invest into a unit trust fund. Over a period of time, the value of initial investment may increase as income may be earned by the fund or may be decrease as the market value of the underlying assets of the unit trust fund may fall. When the investor redeems his or her units, the value of his or her investment will be based on the net asset value of the fund at the point of redemption
Regular Savings
An investor may invest in unit trusts funds by making regular (e.g. monthly or quarterly) investments to their fund. This may be more disciplined approach to invest in unit trust funds. By making equal and regular contributions over a period of time, this may reduce the impact of market volatility. This is commonly known as dollar cost averaging. At the end of the period, the redemption (or sale) price of the unit held will represent the accumulation of all contributions, plus return (if any, as returns are not guaranteed) generated from the total contributions since the first purchase was made. This forms the basis of most retirement investments.
EPF Members Investment Scheme
Investors may also invest into unit trust funds from their EPF Account 1 if he or she is eligible. EPF members can refer to their EPF statement as well as the Basic Savings Table to check their eligibility and quantum of investment allowed.